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The second edition willI explore the science in fiction and try to bring some actual factual science to the things we read and see in fiction. Will real accurate science destroy the plot of our favorite fiction? These episode will also feature the amazing art work of Atomicnumber14 (Georgia Geis, and expanded into print Zines). I also say Handwavium a lot. Handwavium is a fictional material used to fix a plot-hole.

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Science Episodes

Vampires Suck! But that doesn’t mean we are team Jacob.

One Day You’ll Be Able to Smell This Email

1 Year Anniversary, And Still No One Has Gotten Busy In Space

What’s the Deal With Shrinkage?

Hey baby it’s cold outside. Let’s stay in and talk Cryonics!

What color should Spock’s blood really be? Not green like the Star Trek writers thought.

What’s for dinner, and who is going to fix it? Science Fiction says let a robot do it!

What the Heck Does Giant Insects Have to Do with Holiday Cookies?

It’s a plane, it’s a Superman, no wait… Run, it’s The Birds!

Happy Halloween! Lock Your Doors and Beware of Those Killer Plants!

Everything You Wanted to Ask a Werewolf Under a Full Moon, but Were Afraid to Ask.

What’s the Big Deal about Having Sex in Space?

Updates, Author Interviews, and Other Stuff

October 03 2022: Fall is my favorite season

September 03 2022: My secret Love Affair with Binder Clips

August 13th 2022 The super moon and other stuff that keeps me up at night.

June 11th 2022: Time Keeps on Slipping, and I Don’t Know Where I Parked My Time Machine.

May 14th 2022: Saturday the 13th wasn’t that bad, but I did keep an eye on those flowers.

April 9th 2022: Conferences, Campus Tours, and a Craft Show, oh my!

March 12th 2022: Cookies and Hot Chocolate During a Snow Storm.

February 12th 2022: Do you get a side Salad or French Fries?

January 8th 2022: When is it too late to say Happy New Year?

December 11th 2021: Getting that loving feeling about editing.

November 13th 2021: Balancing life without Handwavium.

October 16th 2021: Mustache wax, Fall time in CHicagoland, Book Fairs/Promos, and exciting news!

September 18th 2021: Interview with Katherine Soto, Giveaways, Book Fairs/Promos and an extra side of Handwavium.

August 14th 2021: Weekend With Frozen Bernie, Interview with Kim Iverson, Giveaways, Book Fairs/Promos and More Handwavium than a B-Movie.

July 10th 2021: Tree Farts, Author Interview with Jennifer Soucy, and Almost One Year of Handwavium

June 12th 2021: Waking up after 24,000 years, Spermatozoa in Space, Author Interview With Shawn Burgess, and more fun than you can throw a woolly flying squirrel at!

May 15th 2021: What the heck is a Monkeydactyl? Thought to Text developments. Author Interview with Lisa Alfano, and more.

April 10th 2021: Author interview with Susan Dalessandro

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