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July 2020: What’s the Big Deal about Having Sex in Space?

September 2020 : Everything You Wanted to Ask a Werewolf Under a Full Moon, but Were Afraid to Ask.

October 2020: Happy Halloween! Lock Your Doors and Beware of Those Killer Plants!

November 2020: It’s a plane, it’s a Superman, no wait… Run, it’s The Birds!

December 2020: What the Heck Does Giant Insects Have to Do with Holiday Cookies?

March 2021: What’s for dinner, and who is going to fix it? Science Fiction says let a robot do it!

April 10th 2021: Author interview with Susan Dalessandro

April 24th 2021: What color should Spock’s blood really be? Not green like the Star Trek writers thought.

May 15th 2021: What the heck is a Monkeydactyl? Thought to Text developments. Author Interview with Lisa Alfano, and more.

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