Rabbit Hole of Research

Author and scientist Jotham Austin II and printmaker and artist Georgia Geis have joined forces to bring you original novels, zines, artwork, cards and stickers. Jotham’s debut novel “Will You Still Love Me If I Become Someone Else?” is a page-turner speculative psychological thriller that will take you on a roller coaster ride. Georgia’s artwork is all original hand carved and hand pulled relief prints inspired by vintage carnivals, pop culture and classic Hollywood. Rabbit Hole of Research is the collaborative project where Jotham and Georgia combine their talents and explore the quirky science in fiction through witty word play and stunning print making.

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Science Episodes

Will the AI revolution be televised?

Vampires Suck! But that doesn’t mean we are team Jacob.

One Day You’ll Be Able to Smell This Email

1 Year Anniversary, And Still No One Has Gotten Busy In Space

What’s the Deal With Shrinkage?

Hey baby it’s cold outside. Let’s stay in and talk Cryonics!

What color should Spock’s blood really be? Not green like the Star Trek writers thought.

What’s for dinner, and who is going to fix it? Science Fiction says let a robot do it!

What the Heck Does Giant Insects Have to Do with Holiday Cookies?

Happy Halloween! Lock Your Doors and Beware of Those Killer Plants!

It’s a plane, it’s a Superman, no wait… Run, it’s The Birds!

Everything you wanted to learn about a werewolf, but was afraid to ask under a full moon.

What’s the big deal about having sex in space?

Updates, Author Interviews, and Other Stuff

Interview with Katherine Soto.

Author Interview with Jennifer Soucy

Author Interview With Shawn Burgess

Author interview with Susan Dalessandro

Author Interview with Lisa Alfano

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