Jotham’s Monthly Newsletter: The Rabbit Hole of Research

Hey y’all, I hope this email finds you safe and well. Thanks for tuning into my Monthly Newsletter: Rabbit Hole of Research. As a laboratory scientist and a cross-genre writer (Sci-fi and Romance), my life is nothing but research. I will explore the science in fiction and try to bring some actual factual science to the things we read and see in fiction. Will real accurate science destroy the plot of our favorite fiction?

So, how did I wind up researching lycanthrope (Human to Wolf transformation)?

It was late one night and I was watching “Back to the Future.” You know the movie where Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) goes back in time accidentally and has to avoid kissing his mom, help his parents fall in love, and get back to the future with the help of Doc (Christopher Lloyd). One of the fun movies of the 80’s, go watch it, again. But, what does that movie have to do with therianthropy (what the heck is therianthropy: its a human that can shape shifting into another animal)—nothing, but thinking about 80s movies and Michael J Fox, you know where I’m going—Teen Wolf. I started thinking about how fast he changed into a wolf and that was the first step down the rabbit hole into the science of lycanthrope…

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