Writing Resources

As I’ve made my way along this writing journey I’ve collected a number of resources that have helped. They include Books, Podcasts, Blogs, other authors websites, most are free, but there are some paywalls. These resources include, strategies, tips and tricks about Writing, Editing, Marketing, Community and General knowledge, how-tos, motivational tips and everything in between. I’ll try to organize the resources and give a little description. Writing is a long arduous journey and luckily the folks that have walked the path are extremely generous with their time and knowledge. This is my contribution to this tradition. You can follow my journey here or subscribe to my Substack newsletter


Jonathan Maberry: one of my favorite writers, but is pretty giving to fellow authors. He has free resources for writers on his site. I used his query letter as the template for my own.
Jane Friedman is a great resource for the writing industry. She blogs (along with guest) on a lot of topics of writing and publishing.
Estate Legacy Kit This page lists the documents you, your family, your executor, or your personal representative will need in an emergency.


Operation Awesome: A General Resource, but they also do query critiques.

The Shit No One Tells You About Writing


The Script Lab-Sequences – Focused on screenwriting, but the story structure principles can be applied to all stories.
Reedsy Blog– Seven Narrative Structures, and other writing guides.
Story Grid -Use the Story Grid and write a successful novel.
Story Nerd Podcast focused on story theory.


Purple Ink Pen -Freelance editing services by Hannah.


Reader’s FavoriteProfessional Editorial Book reviews and other author services.
Book Design Made SimpleHelpful Resources for Designing your book for self-publishing.
Kirkus ReviewProfessional Editorial Book Reviews.
Draft2DigitalA self publishing service platform that helps you navigate between your finished manuscript and the reader.

Newsletter/Mailing list building/email provider

Newsletter Ninja this is a great place to start if you are trying to wonder why or how you need to start a newsletter.

email/marketing providers

Active Campaign 

list building tools

StoryOrgin is a list building tool
RaffleCopter is a list building tool

Writing Associations

Chicago Writers Association CWA’s diverse membership ranges from professional freelancers and published authors, to writers aspiring to be published and those who write as a creative outlet.
Authors Guild The Authors Guild advocates for the rights of writers by supporting free speech, fair contracts, and copyright. We create community and we fight for a living wage.

Podcasts about writing, creative life, or general motivation

Creative Pep Talk
Chicago Writes
Minorities in Publishing
The Best Advice Show
The Cathy Heller podcast
Something Rather Than Nothing