The Show Notes: Episode 12: Eye Popping Superpowers: Movies, Comics, and Real Science

Joe and Nick discuss eye-related superpowers, Cyclops, Superman, Hawkeye, laser- cells, iris scanning, Bremsstrahlung, eye transplants, Gazerbeam, tetrachromacy, the Pedoscope, and Joe’s x-ray glasses

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Joe’s Show Notes:

00:00 Welcome Back to the Basement Studio

00:39 Anime unrelated to episode but cool to check out

01:37 Craft Beers and Local Brews

04:33 Cyclops and His Optic Blasts

06:24 Asimov: The Gods Themselves (1972)

07:41 Superman heat vision and Gazerbeam: Incredibles Laser Vision

08:48: Biohacking a LASER eye


17:23 Exploring Superman’s X-Ray Vision

25:00 Parts of the eye

25:59 Discussion on ‘The Power‘ and ‘Brightburn

28:26 Hawkeye‘s Supervision and Vision Metrics

30:45 Tetrachromacy and Color Vision Genetics

32:55 Blind Superheroes and Sci-Fi Vision Tech

34:37 Joe in the Basement studio

36:47 Biometric: iris recognition and Iris Patterns

37:00 Iris structure and iridology

40:46 Advancements in eye transplants

43:12 Joe and Nick pick the Best Eye Superpower they’d want

46:04 Wrapping Up

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