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Creating New Worlds.

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Katherine, How do you come up with ideas for a project?

 It sounds so easy when I say it, but I have an idea come into my mind and I work on it in my head until I can write something down. I once had an idea hit me when I was in the shower.
Sometimes I say that I have a poem in my fingertips that must be written down.
Sometimes projects come to me from what someone else says or as I am people watching.

After you have a new idea, how much research do you do?

I do enough research to satisfy myself I can write about the topic. Sometimes I do none, then sometimes I wander the internet for hours reading on a topic.

Do you research things throughout your creative process or just at the beginning?

I will research throughout a project as needed as the ideas flow. Sometimes a new idea will come up in my writing and I want to know about it, so I search the internet.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve researched for a project (go check that Google search history)?  

The strangest thing I researched was what to feed a mule versus a horse. Every now and then a mule needs to eat a certain type of pellet to help with their attitude. I’ve not used this in a book yet.

When you write, do you try to stay close to the Actual Factual or are you fast and loose with Handwavium (a term used when a writer waves their hand at reality for sake of the plot)?

I am reality based with a little Handwavium mixed into it. When you have created a new world to play in you can bend the rules a little more.

Have you ever stopped reading a story to go look up how factual something was? 

I have pulled up the internet to read about a topic that has come up in my reading. It give me more of the story to enjoy.

Do you create with music, other background noise or complete silence?

I usually have cartoons, a ghost hunting, or a paranormal show on the TV going on in the background. Bluey is the newest cartoon I tune into. Sometimes I need quiet to sort something out.

Do you have any pet helper?

I have two cats and a dog. As you can see the cats are super helpful!


Do you create better at 5am or 5pm?

I create better from 9pm to 1am. It’s weird to get my best writing done super late into the night.

Which team apocalypse are you on: zombie, asteroid, or alien invasion?

Team apocalypse: Zombie. Someday some scientist will come up with something that will get loose and change mankind.

You ask your readers to be creative. How do you stay creative?  

I take classes on art to stay creative. I draw and paint. I also make ATCs- Artist Trading Cards to trade. I read a lot of scifi/fantasy books. Last year I rea dover 52 books and am well on my way to catch that amount this year. 

I see on your resume that you have extensive teaching experience, and I’m wondering how classroom management has helped you in your writing career? 

Classroom management has helped me to be more on task when I am writing.  My students did one thing at a time and that is how I work. I take on writing, email, or marketing one task at a time.  
I am also fast at turn-around times for projects other people want me to be a part of. I tend to do my part first, so it’s ready to go when needed. 

If you got to use some “Handwavium” and send younger Katherine one note about writing, editing, or marketing, which would you chose and what would you say?

“You know more than you think you do, so get to work on your ideas for marketing your books.” 
“Be patient with the teams you work with.”

You have a release coming out soon, can you give us some details?

Grey Dawn of Dharaven: Katz Island will be released sometime toward the late summer. I am waiting on a cover from my publisher, the 120 or so days later the book will come out. 

An ancient map found by Mountain Dragon Clan born Grey leads to an expedition that everyone else in her field thinks is crazy. Threats are made against her and the university that supports her. As an archaeologist, Grey is determined to finish her mission to find an underground human settlement on Katz Island.  Will she find adventure taking her to the end of her career or to the find of the century?

Katherine, thank-you for your time. Is there anything else you’d like folks to know about you, your work, or your research process?

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