March 12th: What am I reading and Listening to:


The Freaking Future by
Matt Skillern

The Freaking Future is an anthology of weird character driven stories taking place in (you guessed it) the future. If you like comics like Heavy Metal Magazine and 2000 AD then keep your eye out for The Freaking Future. It’s a unique bunch of weird and funny stories!

Matt also does commissions and original art work: check out what I got from Matt at NWI-ComicCon

Go check his stuff out


The 1619 Project
By: Nikole Hannah-Jones

Excerpt from the publisher:

The 1619 Project is an ongoing initiative from The New York Times Magazine that began in August 2019, the four hundredth anniversary of the beginning of American slavery. It is led by Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, along with New York Times Magazine editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein and editors Ilena Silverman and Caitlin Roper.

This was a powerful read that starts to explore and create room for discussion and understanding to the black experience in the context of America’s origin narrative. The original essay series was expanded into a book.


Dead Astronauts
by: Jeff Vandermeer

This is book #2 in the Borne series. Jeff’s writing is creepy, haunting, confusing and beautiful—love it all:

Excerpt from the publisher:

Jeff VanderMeer’s Dead Astronauts presents a City with no name of its own where, in the shadow of the all-powerful Company, lives human and otherwise converge in terrifying and miraculous ways. At stake: the fate of the future, the fate of Earth – all the Earths.
Check it out!


I love Adrian Younge’s music, the way he combines the old and the new. I was happy to see this mix he put together of music that’s been sampled in Hip-Hop over the years. 

Go Check it out on Apple Music! Don’t have Apple Music go listing to one of Adrian’s other albums.


Okay, that’s where I’m at. I’ll try to update y’all every month on books, comics, and music that I’ve been digging! I’ll try to add some indie author reads!

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