The Show Notes: Rabbit Hole of Research Episode 8: Teleportation

Nick, Evan and Joe talk about teleportation, the last perfect 8 minutes on Earth, Event Horizon, Michael Myers, The Matrix, Harry Potter, Jumper, and lots of love for Jeff Goldblum!

This has no particular format; it’s just correcting or updating anything in the show we didn’t get a chance to fully talk about or things we had on the tips of our tongues and couldn’t get out as we recorded. As always, feel free to comment, and we will address stuff in future shows! Enjoy. 

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Teleportation definition 

  1. A fictional transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.
  2. Often paired with time travel.
  3. There is no known physical mechanism that would allow for matter teleportation.
  4. Teleportation cannot be instantaneous because you can not travel faster than light. 

Philadelphia Experiment

Teleportation in Harry Potter Series:

  1. Harry Porter and the Goblet of Fire
  2. Foo Network: fire place teleportation
  3. Portke
  4. Kings Cross Train Station: Platform Nine and Three Quarters

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Packets of information being sent into space revealing Earth’s position to aliens

3 Body Problem

Ship of Theseus

The Fly goofs

Number of atoms in human body

How long does it take to get from Philippines to Mexico?

~6 hours by plane

~24 days by ship

Early examples of teleportation in science fiction 

1. The earliest recorded story of a “matter transmitter” was Edward Page Mitchell‘s “The Man Without a Body” in 1877. Not to be confused with the 1956 B-sci-fi film. 

2. 1897 novel To Venus in Five Seconds by Fred T. Jane. Jane’s protagonist is transported from a strange-machinery-containing gazebo on Earth to planet Venus – hence the title.

Wolverine movie with

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)


Seeks to create quantum measurements and imaging systems that exceed classical limits to extract novel information from biology.

Classic Physics

Quantum Mechanics

Photoelectric effect—early 1900s—

Albert Einstein won Nobel for his theories about the photoelectronic effect. 

Albert Einstein described his most famous formula in the forth paper he published.

Quantum entanglement

Einstein called it: spooky action at a distance. 

Quantum entanglement was first recognized by Einstein, Podolsky, Roson and Schrodinger.

Quantum teleportation 

Teleportation is Possible, but only in Quantum

Quantum information

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