Micro-fiction #1

Playing Chicken
A friend and I, rode our bikes into traffic. Pedaling hard against the current of speeding cars. The doppler effect of horns blended into his screams. Sounds of metal squealing, bending, releasing energy into the crunch of bones. Smelling those mechanical fumes, and his blood, reminded me of the slaughterhouse

Author: Jotham

Jotham Austin, II lives in Chicagoland with his wife and two sons. He has his PhD in Botany, and can be found taking electron micrographs of cells at The University of Chicago. His Rom-Com novella, “Tomorrow May Be Too Late” will be published as part of the romance anthology, “Askew Ever After,” January 2021. His debut novel, a sci-fi psychological thriller, ‘Will You Still Love Me, If I Become Someone Else?” will be released February 2021. Jotham recently started a newsletter that explores the science in science fiction (signup at jothamaustin.com). Preorder books and Follow Jotham on social media at https://linktr.ee/Jothamaustin

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