Two early 2023 Conventions I’ll be attending, MarsCon January 13-15 2023 and NWI Comic Con February 11th 2023!

MarsCon 2023

MarsCon January 13-15th 2023! Yes, I am going to be a guest and panelist at MarsCon 2023 in Virginia Beach, VA! I’ll be on six panels:

  1. Religion, Magic and Science
  2. Worldbuilding: Food and Drink
  3. Researching Your Story
  4. Do They Still Need HMO’s in Your World?
  5. Dystopia is a Double Edge Sword for the Author
  6. How Do You Define SciFi in 2023?

I am so excited. This was one of my personal goals to be invited to a Con and be on panels. Come on down and check it out! Hope to see you there.

NWI Comic Con

And speaking about Cons, I’ll be at the NWI ComiCon 2023 with atomicnumber14 (Georgia) February 11th, 2023!

More info on NWI Comic-Con soon!

Author: Jotham

Jotham Austin, II lives in Chicagoland with his wife and two sons. He has his PhD in Botany, and can be found taking electron micrographs of cells at The University of Chicago. His Rom-Com novella, “Tomorrow May Be Too Late” will be published as part of the romance anthology, “Askew Ever After,” January 2021. His debut novel, a sci-fi psychological thriller, ‘Will You Still Love Me, If I Become Someone Else?” will be released February 2021. Jotham recently started a newsletter that explores the science in science fiction (signup at Preorder books and Follow Jotham on social media at

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