The Show Notes: Rabbit Hole of Research Episode 9: Sleep Studies and Dreams

Joe, Nick and Georgia talk sleep, Chianti & fava beans, brain rinsing, They Live, Inception, lucid dreaming, noisy ice, John Wick’s dreams, Nick’s research, Jacob’s ladder, sleep paralysis, and more.

Episode 9 – Sleep Studies

This has no particular format; it’s just correcting or updating anything in the show we didn’t get a chance to fully talk about or things we had on the tips of our tongues and couldn’t get out as we recorded. As always, feel free to comment, and we will address stuff in future shows! Enjoy. 

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*Both Joe and Georgia have notes below

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Joe’s Show Notes:


(own-I-rology) the scientific study of dreams.


known as a sleep study, is a test used to diagnose sleep disorders.

Famous Sleep Studies

  1. The Sleepless Elite (2014)
  2. The “Fatal Familial Insomnia” Case Studies (1980s)
  3. The Randy Gardner Experiment (1960s): stayed awake for 264.4 hours (11 days and 24 minutes) as part of a science fair project
  4. The “Sleepless in San Diego” Study (2002)

Sleep paralysis

Sleep deprivation

Sleepwalking killer Scott Falater

Sleepwalker’ Acquitted of Murdering Mother-in-Law After 15-Mile Drive

Lucid Dreaming

Sleep is crucial

Mantis from the MCU

Hormones Makes us Sleepy

Circadian rhythms

Do Other Animals Dream

does lunar phases effect sleep?

Pain receptors in brain?

Staying active during brain surgery, playing instruments

They Live (1988)

“The computer says no”—Little Britain show

Sundowners syndrome

Marvel’s Sleepwalker Character

Marvel’s Nightmare Character

If you die in dream do you die in real life

Georgia’s Tid Bits

Washing Brain During Sleep 

Nightmare On Elm Street: True Story

Jacob’s Ladder:Dreams and Consciousness,Hollywood-Style by Kelly Bulkley

Jacob’s Ladder- Movie

MIT in Fluid Interfaces

New device can control your dreams: Marketers try to hack the brain!

Taking the perfect nap by NPR

Print by Georgia Geis @atomic_number14

Okay, that’s it for this episode. How’d we do?

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